Robert Moss's musical influences and background range from punk to orchestral music.

He played in bands, was a session musician, then a screen composer, and continues to compose and release new music.

In his first band he played bagpipes, then clarinet in youth orchestras. Later he played bass, saxophone, guitar, mandolin and keyboards in various bands, preferring guest spots or tours rather than committing to a band. 

He has written jingles and advertising music, including for Apple Computers and the Australian Government, and produced numerous recordings including the single “See You In Spain” for The Cockroaches, who went on to become The Wiggles.  

For about twenty years he became ensconced in a prolific career as a screen composer, operating his own studio and composing themes and incidental music for many television series for networks including ABC, Seven, SBS, Beyond and National Geographic, and numerous independent films and documentaries. He won the 2000 Tropfest Best Original Score Award for Brother, a film by Angus Strachan, the Australian Guild of Screen Composers (AGSC) Best Music for an Animation Award in 2000 for the animation Eclipse by Jill Carter-Hansen, and the AGSC Best Music for a TV Series Award for in 1998 for ABC series The Land of the Future Eaters with Tim Flannery.

More recently, through Western Sydney University, he composed Two Faces, for gayageum (Korean harp) and two sided electric guitar. Two Faces was recorded and mixed during October and November 2020 and broadcast online in 24 November 2021. The gayageum was performed by 이언화 (Eonhwa Lee) and Robert played the two-sided guitar. To listen, and for more information, click this link.

Also through Western Sydney Robert won the Penrith Symphony Orchestra/Western Sydney University Prize and subsequently composed Sapiens, which was performed in 2021 by the Penrith Symphony Orchestra conducted by Paul Terracini. To listen, and for more information, click this link.

Robert is now focused on completing and releasing his unfinished works.