This 2003 album evolved from various screen compositions and includes the earlier contemporary piano piece, Directive Systems.

  1.  See What is Within
  2.  Feel the Ever Changing Feelings
  3.  The Family Seems Normal at First
  4.  Experience Freedom
  5.  We Move into Our Own Life
  6.  We Feel Separatioin
  7.  I Ask Myself Who I Really Am
  8.  Religion and Romance Serve Existing Structures
  9.  Despite the Illusion, I Cannot Control Things Outside Myself
  10.  I Need to Live This Live as True to Myself as I Can
  11.  The Highest Power is the Reality that Unfolds Each Day
  12.  Directive Systems (live)

Veren Grigorov | Violin and Viola

Michal Wieczorek | Cello  

Miroslav 'Mike' Bukovsky | Trumpet in Feel the Ever Changing Feelings

Jonathan Zwartz | Double Bass in Feel the Ever Changing Feelings

Suzy Connolly | Voice in I Ask Myself Who I Really Am

Julie Croft | Piano in Directive Systems


Composed, produced and other instruments performed by Robert Moss.

Artwork (painting) | Eliza Gahan

Design | Brad Eldridge

The final track Directive Systems was composed for Julie Croft's 1980 Honours recital at the University of New England Great Hall. It was written as a largely collaborative, improvisational piece, co-composed by Julie during the improvisational process. 

This recording is from her 1980 performance.