This album's title track, Lost in Translation, was composed for a 1999 video artwork of the same name by experimental video artist Peter Callas, focusing on the mixed cultural melting pot of Brasil.

All pieces on this 2003 album are extrapolated extensions of ideas originally springing from various intercultural screen compositions.

Composed and produced by Robert Moss.

  1. Lost in Translation
  2. The Spirit is Here, Regardless
  3. Dancing Eyes of Thought
  4. Everything is OK
  5. Lesbian
  6. Digging Up the Bones
  7. Cultural Revolution I 
  8. Cultural Revolution II
  9. Cultural Revolution III
  10. Lost in the Jungle I
  11. Lost in the Jungle II
  12. Lost in the Jungle III
  13. Goddess of Freedom
  14. Life's Embrace
  15. He Sets Her Free 

Veren Grigorov | Violin and Viola 

Michal Wieczorek | Cello

Yama Sarshar | Afghani Tabla on Dancing Eyes of Thought and Life's Embrace

Dale Caldwell | Voice on The Spirit is Here, Regardless  

Anna Broinowski | Voice on Lesbian

Suzy Connolly | Voice on Cultural Revolution II

Tenor banjo, baritone ukulele, mandolin, mandola, autoharp, guitars, bass, baritone and soprano recorders, clarinet, alto sax, piano, percussion, keyboards and programming | Robert Moss

Artwork and Design | Brad Eldridge