Quiet Music, released in 2003, includes pieces evolved from earlier ambient screen compositions, as well as pieces originally composed between 1994 and 1998 to accompany guided meditations by Rod Lee from the Tibetan Buddhists Society, Sydney.

Composed, produced and performed by Robert Moss.

  1.  Breathing the Wind
  2.  Moments Passing
  3. Before Words
  4. Droplets Forming
  5.  Grassland
  6. Canyon Breeze
  7. The Journey
  8.  Floating
  9. Tapping on Wood
  10. Flying Away
  11. Warmth
  12.  Drifting

Dale Caldwell | Voice on Before Words 

Suzy Connolly | Voice on The Journey

Instrumentation in addition to guitars, piano, voice and keyboards: Breathing the Wind - Clarinet | Moments Passing - Baritone Ukulele | Grassland - Kalimba (Thumb Piano) |  Taping on Wood - Wooden Slit-tongue Drum | Warmth - electric bass.

Artwork and design | Brad Eldridge